Namık Kemal University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

is aiming to provide a qualified education to raise veterinarians who could do self-criticism, in peace with himself/herself and others, has adopted the principle of lifelong learning and self-progress, tolerant, sensible to environmental issues, having good communication capabilities, cultural background, well developed investigation and problem solution abilities, equipped with scientific knowledge.

is adopted to reach and produce knowledge in animal health, behaviors, welfare, production, husbandry, nutrition, breeding and practicing its social responsibility and veterinary practice in universal standards as well as obeys ethical principles of the profession.



The vision of Namık Kemal University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is

To raise qualified veterinarians who could foresee the problems threatening animal health and welfare as well as focusing on results and solutions,

Contributing the progress of the animal industry of the country by diagnose and cure of the diseases threatening animal health and preventive veterinary practices,

To play a pioneer role in increasing the social and professional conscious towards animal rights and welfare,

To become a Faculty in which researches are conducted, scientific knowledge is produced, shown as a model at national and international level as well as members of which feel honored because of being a member.